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Internal rules Upgrade Media and its brand NWE Academy, applicable to trainees

Article 1: Purpose

The present rules are established in accordance with the provisions of articles L.6352-3 and R.6352-1 of the French Labour Code. They apply to all trainees participating in a training course organised by the training organisation, UPGRADE MEDIA or proposed by its brand NWE Academy for the entire duration of the course.

Article 2: Access to training

Access to the training courses is :

  • or via a videoconferencing platform (Zoom, Google Meet…) with access given to the trainee before the training,
  • or in the client’s premises, in a room equipped for training, meeting the regulatory obligations of ERP and complying with safety rules,
  • or by renting rooms from service providers specialized in hosting groups for training and meeting the regulatory obligations of ERP.

Article 3: General Discipline

3.1 – Schedules

The trainee must comply with the training schedules communicated to him/her in the invitation by UPGRADE MEDIA
the training organization reserves the right to modify the training schedule and dates according to the needs of the service, within the limits imposed by the provisions in force. The training organization will then inform the trainee in advance and the latter must comply with the changes made. The trainee must comply with the opening and closing times communicated.

In case of absence or delay in the course, the trainee must notify the organization by e-mail and justify their absence.

Furthermore, the trainee may not be absent during the course hours, except in exceptional circumstances specified by the training organisation, which must inform the company of such absences in advance. Any absence or delay not justified by particular circumstances constitutes a fault liable to disciplinary sanctions by the training organisation as provided for in the present Internal Regulations. The training organisation cannot be held responsible by the trainee for not having had access to the lessons given during his/her absence or lateness.

UPGRADE MEDIA declines all responsibility if, contrary to the regulations, the trainee has remained on the premises where the training sessions take place outside the authorized hours and has suffered damage.

The trainee is required to sign an individual attendance sheet for each half day.

3.2 – Behaviour

It is formally forbidden for the trainee to come to the training course in a state of drunkenness, under the influence of drugs, to introduce alcoholic beverages or drugs into the training premises, to leave the training course without a reason, or even to disrupt the smooth running of the training course by his behaviour.

In application of the decree n°2006-1386 of November 15, 2006, it is forbidden to smoke in the training premises.

The trainee is therefore asked to behave in a way that guarantees respect for the elementary rules of good manners and community life. Any inappropriate comments (harassment, racism …) made by the trainee on any medium of the training is liable to permanent exclusion from the training.

Each trainee is obliged to inform the head of the training organisation or his representative as soon as he is aware of an incident or accident occurring on the premises where the training courses take place.

The training organization declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage of personal objects of any kind left by the trainee in the premises where the training sessions take place.

Each trainee is obliged to keep the equipment entrusted to him/her for training in good condition. Trainees are required to use the equipment in accordance with its purpose. The use of the equipment for other purposes, in particular personal use, is forbidden. At the end of the course, the trainee is required to return all equipment and documents in his/her possession belonging to UPGRADE MEDIA and its brand NWE Academy, except for the educational documents distributed during the course.

The educational documentation provided during the training sessions is protected by the Intellectual Property Code and may only be used for strictly personal use.

It is formally forbidden, unless expressly authorized by the head of the training organization, to record or film the training sessions.

It is forbidden, unless special permission is given by the UPGRADE MEDIA manager or his representative, to take meals in the rooms where the courses are held.

Article 4: Health and safety

The prevention of accidents and illnesses is imperative and requires that everyone comply fully with all applicable health and safety regulations. To this end, the general and specific health and safety instructions in force in the training centre, particularly the fire instructions, must be strictly respected on pain of disciplinary sanctions.

In accordance with articles R 4227-28 et seq. of the French Labour Code, fire instructions and in particular a map showing the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits are posted in the training premises.

In the context of distance learning, it is therefore imperative to respect the health and safety rules of the place where the training is carried out, particularly the trainee’s company. The training organization cannot be held responsible for incidents or accidents that occur during the training hours and in particular related to the use of computer and internet tools.

When the training takes place on the company’s site, the general and specific safety instructions applicable to in-house training are those of the company.

Article 5: Sanctions

Any failure by the trainee to comply with any of the provisions of these internal regulations or any action considered to be wrongful by the training organisation may, depending on its nature and seriousness, be subject to one or other of the following sanctions in ascending order of importance:

  • Oral warning from UPGRADE MEDIA.
  • Written warning by the Director of the training organization
  • Blame
  • Temporary or permanent exclusion from the course

The exclusion of the participant will not in any case give rise to the reimbursement of the sums paid or due for the training.

Article 6: Pre-sanction interview and procedure

No sanction may be imposed on the trainee without the latter having been warned in advance and informed of the grievances against him/her (article R6352-4 of the Labour Code). When the training organisation is considering imposing a sanction, it summons the trainee by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or delivered to the person concerned in return for a receipt, indicating the purpose of the summons, the date, time and place of the interview, unless the sanction envisaged does not affect the trainee’s presence for the rest of the training.

During the interview, the trainee may be assisted by a person of his/her choice, either a trainee or an employee of UPGRADE MEDIA. The invitation mentioned in the previous article shall mention this option. During the interview, the reason for the envisaged sanction shall be indicated to the trainee: the latter shall then have the opportunity to give any explanation or justification of the facts of which he/she is accused.

When a temporary exclusion with immediate effect is considered essential by UPGRADE MEDIA, no final sanction relating to the misconduct at the origin of this exclusion can be taken without the trainee having been previously informed of the grievances held against him/her and, if applicable, having been summoned to an interview and having had the opportunity to explain himself/herself before the head of the training organisation.

As the training provided by UPGRADE MEDIA does not exceed 500 hours, there is no need to elect trainee representatives.

Article 7: Dissemination of the rules of procedure

A copy of these rules is sent to the trainee beforehand and is available on the UPGRADE MEDIA and NWEAcademy websites

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