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About New World Encounters

A joint community,
brought to you by
Upgrade Media and QuestiQ.

Connecting people, companies and organizations
across borders and industries, around specific, current themes,
from physical to virtual to hybrid encounters.

Breaking through fixed patterns,
creating room for new solutions in the new world we are all creating


Our Team

David Sallinen

David Sallinen

CEO and Founder of NWE and Upgrade Media. Digital strategies consultant. NWE Academy Pedagogical Referent

Ioana Sträter

Ioana Sträter

Co-Founder of NWE. Founder of QuestiQ, Ioana Sträter is a cross-industry innovation expert, with more than 15 years expertise in media.

Caroline Scott

Journalist for NWE. Video journalist Caroline is a passionate digital storyteller based in London, with over eight years working in the news innovation industry.

Larry Kilman

Associate for Communications for NWE. Larry is a journalist, media development expert and media advocate. freedom of the press. It is based in Paris (France). He has carried, loud and clear, our policy of support for press freedom to the European and African media.

Gordon Steiger

Art Director for NWE. Gordon is a freelance art director helping startups, small and midsize companies create a professional brand by aligning their visual appearance with their strategic goals.

Steve Shipside

Editorial Consultant for NWE. A technology journalist since 1990 Steve Shipside has written for newspapers including The Guardian, The Times, and the Telegraph, tech titles including Wired and Business 2.0 and worked as a TV presenter for the weekly Sky TV business and tech programme Blue Chip. Author of over a dozen books on subjects ranging from podcasting to adventure sports he has spent ten years training journalists as they adapt to the digital era in newsrooms as far afield as Paris, Rabat, Yangon, and Hanoi.

Sonia González

Project Manager for NWE. Sonia is based in Lyon (France) and she is responsible for managing the relationship with New World Encounters participants and sponsors.
NWE Academy Administrative Referent