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Quality commitment

Upgrade Media is a training organization, registered under the activity number 84691693569 with the prefect of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Upgrade Media is DataDock certified.

The quality of our services is at the heart of our approach, we seek to improve continuously to better meet the expectations of reference media and demanding professionals.

The customization of our programs

The key to the success of our tailor-made programmes is to deliver content that precisely meets the needs of changing media and communicating companies.

The customization of our solutions is done in the following way: 

We study your requests and the profiles of future trainees; then, we try to understand your context and the problems you are facing. We will propose an initial interview that will allow us to identify your objectives and to offer you and your trainees personalized support, taking into account all these elements.

Depending on your needs, we can set up an online survey on the professional practices and knowledge related to the training chosen by your trainees, in order to form groups of levels.

As soon as the program is validated, we will use the first session to test the effectiveness of our pedagogical approach. We will analyse this first result with your training manager. If adjustments are necessary, we can then make them before the deployment of the customised training. The training materials (given and not given to the trainees) will be validated before the training. Throughout the deployment period, we will conduct an on-the-spot evaluation survey at the end of each day or key module, in order to ensure quality follow-up. The results will also be analysed with your training manager.

The lessons we learn from each client allow us to constantly evolve our programs and methods.

Inter-company, the assurance of having state-of-the-art training

As you will have understood, we draw our expertise from the tailor-made training programmes we run for leading media. This expertise is offered to you through inter-company sessions, led only by recognized professionals who are authorities in their field.

Pedagogical and technical means for Inter or Intra sessions

  • Whether at the client’s premises or in the rooms we rent, we make sure that we have free wifi access and connected computers, as some trainees may prefer to work with their own computers.
  • To keep our trainees alert, we alternate the media used: work on whiteboard, presentations via video projector, live demonstrations of websites, individual and group exercises, case studies, delivery of a paper copy of the course (or sending the PDF version).
  • Evaluation methods: questionnaires submitted at the end of the course and to be completed online.