Stuttgart, we’re coming! Episode 1 with André Kittelberger, Stuttgarter Zeitung

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André Kittelberger presents his favourite places in Stuttgart and fights preconceived ideas about German people.

André Kittelberger

André Kittelberger will speak on the October 02, 2020.

1 – Which is your favourite place in Stuttgart?

At the moment its the Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof. My son loves trains and so when I’m in Stuttgart with him I always spend some time with him there.

2 – Which is your most original building in Stuttgart?

Hard to pick one but since my father is an architect and it has recently been declared as Unesco world heritage: the Stuttgarter Weissenhofsiedlung with buildings from Le Corbusier.

3 – What is the meal or pastry not to be missed in Stuttgart?

Thats definitely Maultaschen. In english “Swabian ravioli” which I find a little disrespectful 😉


4 – What is the restaurant we should not miss in Stuttgart?

You should definitely visit alaturka – best Döner Kebab in Stuttgart, pretty sure one of the best in Germany.

5 – What are the 3 stereotypes about Germans that annoy you the most?

  • That Picture of a Bavarian in traditional clothing „Tracht“ drinking beer being projected on all Germans
  • Especially Swabians would have a weird Accent
  • Germans would be socially distant

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