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Düsseldorf, we’re coming! Episode 1 with Daniel Daum, Rheinische Post Mediengruppe

white concrete building during daytime

Daniel Daum presents his favourite places in Düsseldorf and fights preconceived ideas about German people.

Daniel Daum

Daniel Daum will speak on the October 01, 2020.

1 – Which is your favorite place in Düsseldorf?

The bridges crossing the Rhine are very special in Düsseldorf. Especially when it is dark and they are illuminated. You get a marvelous view on the whole city on crossing the Oberkasseler Brücke. Another great bridge is the Rheinkniebrücke, especially when you go under it on the Oberkassel Side.

Rheinkniebrücke Photo Yannis Marigo

2 – Which is your most original building in Düsseldorf?

The Gehry Buildings in the Medien Hafen.

3 – What is the meal or pastry not to be missed in Düsseldorf?

I am a big fan of Asian food in Düsseldorf. Particularly Japanese restaurants are amazing as there is a great community n town. Personally I recommend the restaurant Yabase, where you get not only sushi but extraordinary food with Tokyo feeling.

4 – What is the restaurant we should not miss in Düsseldorf?

Sennhütte, where you get amazing food within a Berlin atmosphere but also in touch with local people.

5 – What are the 3 stereotypes about Germans that annoy you the most?

Germans love cars. There are many using their bikes to go to work or shopping.

Germans love beer. Yes, but they can also be experts in wine, gin, etc.

Düsseldorf is „bling bling“, show off. Maybe on Königsallee, but not in Flingern, Bilk etc. where you can have a lot start ups and cool stores.

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