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Large scale implementation and agility in practice

Real agility means being able to turn your organization around quickly with minimal effort and waste. How to reorganize to deliver more value, whilst becoming more agile. How to build a coherent schedule for implementation which brings all stakeholders onboard. This training is based on concrete, real world examples.


Learn how agility scales with the simultaneous development of multiple projects and product features. Learn to organize for success.


Learn how to organize to deliver value through agility.


Organize your teams defining the roles and responsibilities of key players. Select and use the relevant organizational approach to allow you to move efficiently from concept to realization.


  • What roles are key to delivering great digital solutions? The business analyst, and the product manager as vectors of vision in production teams.
  • The journey of an idea as it becomes an initiative, of the initiative as it becomes an achievement.
  • Before any analysis, let’s study the qualities and virtues of a good ‘brief’. A disection of this essential tool and a better understanding of its use.
  • How to organize your production teams in a hybrid environment. Agile, waterfall, products and projects, or domain expertise as organization approaches.
  • Roadmap + Briefs: ready to start! Developing your schedule and planning your actions quarter by quarter.
  • Start-up and ‘Hand-off’ in the production teams.
  • Some tools to help you.

Workshop 1
Write the brief for a new product function for an Agile implementation team.

Workshop 2
From the starting point of a roadmap and briefs, participate in a quarterly planning exercise and the creation of an implementation schedule.

Training details


  • Introduction and pooling of ideas – 20 mins
  • Theory – 60 mins
  • E-mail break – 10 mins
  • Workshop (Miro) – 60 mins
  • Returns – 15 mins
  • Conclusion – 15 mins


2 modules of 3 hours each, with a 1 hour group workshop to present collaborative tool Miro and methodology.


No prior preparation required.

Who should attend?

Directors, managers, Business Unit managers in media, Editorial Heads, Digital, Marketing, Products, CEOs.

Registration fee

790 € plus VAT


Jean-Marc de Jonghe

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Upcoming training

Large scale implementation and agility in practice

Module 1: Wednesday, 15 December 2021
Module 2: Friday, 17 May 2021

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Large scale implementation and agility in practice

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