Our customized training solutions

NWE Academy offers tailor-made and fully customized training to meet the needs of your teams, managers and executives.Our training courses will enable you to develop the new skills you need to deploy your strategy.

Customized training to deploy your strategy

Digital strategies require your employees to be brought up to speed, which is why NWE Academy can help you set up customized training programmes designed to meet your employees’ needs in line with your company’s strategy.

Our customized training programs are very varied:

  • Define a digital strategy.
  • Define a content strategy.
  • Define new formats for more engagement.
  • Learn to manage content and teams.
  • Learn how to produce engaging content for digital.
  • To become acculturated to digital technology and social networks.
  • Acquire MOJO skills.
  • Develop a Premium offer.
  • And more.

How to deploy customized training solutions

Depending on your objectives, your constraints and the complexity of the customised training to be implemented, we offer you the possibility of creating a face-to-face, blended or distance learning course only:

Face-to-face formats:

  • Sessions of 3.5 hours to 3 days, combining practical workshops, role-playing, exercises, new knowledge, etc., depending on the time available.
  • Creation and provision of customised training materials to trainees, delivered in both paper and electronic formats.

Distance learning formats:

  • Sessions in the form of 1 to 3 hour webinars combining presentations, collaborative workshops, individual exercises, and discussions on the new knowledge or know-how taught.
  • Creation and provision of customised training materials to trainees, delivered in electronic format.

Why choose NWE Academy?

  • L’as
  • The assurance of having a tailor-made program built only for your needs.
  • The assurance of working with professional media trainers.
  • The assurance of being at the forefront of the challenges of the changing media sector.
  • The assurance of having an attentive ear and tailor-made solutions.
  • The assurance of having a quality follow-up session after session.

Listening and quality at the heart of our approach to tailor-made training

Listening to the client’s needs and monitoring the satisfaction of the trainees are the essential conditions for the success of a tailor-made training programme.

If one of the trainees has a disability or needs a pedagogical adaptation, do not hesitate to contact our disability advisor, Sonia González, either by email sonia.gonzalez@upgrademedia.fr.

Here is our working method to ensure that we define the right pedagogical objectives and that they are well assimilated by the trainees.

At the start of the customised training

  • Questionnaire on your needs (buyer-sponsor and trainees).
  • Interview to deepen the key points (the buyer-sponsor and trainees).

During the training

  • Trainee satisfaction survey at the end of each module.
  • Feedback from the satisfaction survey with the buyer-sponsor to reframe the current program, if necessary.

At the end of the training

  • Questionnaire for the evaluation of learning.
  • Debriefing with the buyer-sponsor of the training.

Our tailor-made training courses have a very concrete impact!

We deployed a custom training program to define and publish Premium content in digital-first mode for a French media group. We compared the results obtained between the media that followed our customized training and another media of the group, of the same nature, that did not benefit from our customized training program. The results speak for themselves: +7% of digital subscribers for the trained media versus +2% for the media that did not change its practices!

15 years of experience in expert training

Our parent company Upgrade Media, supports newspaper companies – from daily to weekly, specialized and general – in their digital transformation, and in the deployment of new digital services.

The current training portfolio covers all aspects of digital. This comprehensive programme was developed through the positive experiences and feedback from the many companies who have sent their leadership teams to the courses.

The programme, created by David Sallinen, former Deputy Director of European Training for WAN-IFRA, is offered in English, French and German. The courses are can be reserved individually or as a package, and can be customized for a company’s employees exclusively. They can be held virtually or at any location.

Any questions about NWE Academy?

Please use the contact form below, if you have questions or need more information about our training sessions. We will answer as soon as possible.