Deep Dive Workshop – Product Development Series

Innovation Mindset, Setting Goals and Rapid Testing

Adopt an innovation mindset and commit to test before you invest – with Product Doctor and Author Julia Shalet

March 2022
3:00 – 6:00 pm CET

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is innovating for change while continuing to run the daily business. It sometimes feels like trying to repair an airplane in mid-flight. The core business is paying wages now, but the need for change is apparent and new ideas are often risky. Organizations need to be careful about where to invest money and resources – the high failure rate of new ideas is well reported.

In this Deep-Dive Workshop you will discover why you should and how you can adopt a “test before you invest” mantra. Based on Julia Shalet’s proven method, The Really Good Idea Test®, you will quickly find out if your ideas are worth pursuing & avoid wasting time, money and effort building solutions that no one wants or needs. 

Join us for a practical, hands-on workshop where you can work on your own seven-step journey to discovering the true customer value and business benefit in your ideas before you even start developing a prototype! 

This is the first in a series of workshops, focusing on the principles behind the test that you need to sign up to, how to express all ideas in a way that they can be tested and how to work out where the danger-of-failure areas are that you need to focus attention on first.

The three-hour workshop will focus on:

  • Innovation Principles
  • Turning Ideas into Testable Hypotheses
  • Identifying Riskiest Assumptions

This test is for you if: 

  • You are spending a lot of time mulling your idea over and you want help to get off the starting block.
  • You have ideas but you never seem to do anything with them.
  • You know that so many new ideas fail and you want to give yours  the best chance of success. 
  • You have the pressure to stay ahead of the game and want to understand whether modern approaches will help you to move faster. 
  • You have lots of experience working with new ideas and want to try a different way to quickly validate them.
  • You have no experience developing new ideas and you do not appreciate business jargon. 
  • You are working on an initiative on your own, or for a small, medium or massive organization. 

Join us for an insightful deep dive workshop

Innovation Mindset, Setting Goals and Rapid Testing

Online Event
Tuesday, 16 November 2021, 3:00 – 6:00 pm CET

Standard price: 129€ excl. taxes
Partner price: 89€ excl. taxes (contact us)

Workshop leader:

Julia Shalet

Award-Winning Author, Acclaimed Innovator, Qualitative Ideas Researcher, Product & Innovation Consultant

Julia Shalet helps innovators move their ideas forward by putting people at the heart of innovation. As well as being the award-winning author of The Really Good Idea Test (Pearson), she works with a broad range of clients, early-stage through to large corporates and across many different sectors. She regularly lectures & runs workshops for degree & masters students (at many universities including UCL), for PhD researchers & academics and she runs product and marketing courses at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

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