Taking the Bold Step: The Spectacular Growth and Digital Acceleration Story at Funke Media Group

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As I am finishing this article, the latest news is reaching me: “Plus 300 percent! That’s how much the number of subscriptions for online content (…) has increased over the past 12 months” the colleagues from Funke proudly are announcing for the newspaper-brands from North Rhine-Westphalia. This is great news not only for Funke, but for quality journalism in general.

How DIE ZEIT has crossed the German borders to develop itself

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The weekly DIE ZEIT is a solid institution in Germany, a quality paper of reference that has sold which sells almost half a million copies every week. The local developments in Austria and Switzerland for DIE ZEIT are unique in the German press

Photo by Sasha Gorin on Unsplash

“Standing still is regression”

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Interview with Ioana Sträter, New World Encounters

Crises always offer opportunities for new beginnings. New World Encounters is a dynamic and professional exchange across borders and industries. The first project is a virtual tour in September and October 2020, an exchange between French and German media managers on the topic of generating digital revenues before, during and after Corona virus pandemic.

S’inspirer des autres pour réussir !

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Ces dernières années ont entraîné des changements extraordinaires dans l’industrie des médias. La transformation, la numérisation, l’innovation et le changement générationnel ont apporté un nouvel air. Cependant, le problème bien connu du modèle économique est toujours là. Presque tous les médias travaillent à plein régime… Read More »S’inspirer des autres pour réussir !