Jean-Marc de Jonghe: “The product I am most proud of is the team”

“Building new product is expensive and building the wrong things is even more expensive”. That’s the working philosophy of Jean-Marc de Jonghe, a noted proponent of the ‘agile’ approach to innovation.  Thanks to his 35 years’ experience at the meeting point of technology and media Jean-Marc has had ample experience in new digital models and methodologies. Which makes him ideally placed to talk about solutions that truly meet the expectations of users.  After its tablet version the success of La Presse on mobile has proven that it is indeed possible to attract a new audience in an ever more competitive marketplace. Doing that requires vision, agile methodology, and the agile team to go with it. He explains how.

Growth Hacking: Journalism and the Funnel – Part 1

Growth Hacking has become the priority for media looking for growth and in particular an expanded subscriber portfolio. It promises to supercharge activity thanks to data and the mastery of performance indicators at every point along the conversion funnel. For traditional media the challenge is more than simply converting passers by to paying customers; they also need to succeed in engaging younger, more female, and more digitally adept audiences. These are audiences who don’t just want to be informed, but to be actively involved.

News Business & Silicon Valley

We all know the business model of the media world is changing dramatically, moving from a reliance on print advertising to an increasing focus on digital subscriptions. Many media companies understand the need to lead this transformation, but it requires constant innovation. It takes an “innovation mindset” to achieve and maintain sustainability, where publishers continuously explore what attractive new revenue streams can be incorporated into their diversification strategy.