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Deep-Dive Workshop Helps Media Leaders Innovate While Running a Daily Business

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One of the most difficult challenges for legacy media is innovating for the digital future while continuing to run the daily business. Some say it is akin to trying to repair an airplane in mid-flight.

Larry Kilman

Everyone in this position would benefit with a bit of coaching and advice from those who have successfully managed the transition. New World Encounters, the collaborative organization that connects people, companies and organizations across borders and industries, has put together a deep-dive workshop with this in mind, as part of a series of events focused on news media product development.

The three-hour online workshop on 16 November, which will focus on innovative thinking, setting goals and rapid testing, will be led by award-winning author Julia Shalet, an expert on innovation and product development. The workshop is based on Ms Shalet’s book, “The Really Good Idea Test,” which provides a roadmap to investing money and resources where they will do the most good.

“I help bring good ideas to fruition by focusing time, energy and money where they have the best chance of success,” said Ms Shalet. “Far too often, good ideas are wasted because organizations fail to assimilate opinions and data, evaluate the options properly and decide where to invest their efforts.”

Participants in the workshop will learn to better evaluate whether their product development ideas are worth pursuing, while avoiding wasting time, money and effort building solutions that no one wants or needs. 

The workshop will focus on principles of innovation, turning ideas into testable hypotheses, and identifying risky assumptions. It will provide proven techniques for testing product development ideas, and quickly validating and launching new products.

The workshop is part of a series of virtual events organized by New World Encounters to help media houses improve their product development. The series begins with a product development webinar on Tuesday, 2 November, followed by deep-dive workshops on specific topics on the following Tuesdays in November. More information can be found here.

As well as being the award-winning author of The Really Good Idea Test (Person), Ms Shalet works with a broad range of clients, from start-ups to large corporations across diverse sectors. She regularly lectures and runs workshops, and conducts product and marketing courses at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

New World Encounters is a joint community organized by Upgrade Media and QuestiQ to connect people, companies and organizations across borders and industries around specific, current themes, with physical, virtual and hybrid encounters. NWE aims to break through fixed patterns, creating room for new solutions in the new digital media world we are all creating. To learn more about New World Encounters, contact David Sallinen.

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