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Workshop Tackles Leadership Challenges of the Virtual Workplace

Leading Virtual Teams

Work will never be the same, and the digitalization that allows us to collaborate at distance has profoundly changed the workplace. But communicating by Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp is inherently weaker than face-to-face communication, and traditional management and communication styles need to adapt to the new realities of virtual teamwork.

Larry Kilman

New World Encounters, the collaborative organization that connects people, companies and organizations across borders and industries, is organizing a workshop to help managers increase their leadership skills to respond to the new work and communications structures.

Barbara Liebermeister, the founder and managing director of IFIDZ, the Institute for Leadership Culture in the digital age, will conduct the 90-minute workshop on 9 November on “Leading virtual teams – overcoming the biggest challenges.”

“The new communication tools require an approach that is generally not covered in traditional executive development programmes,” said Ms Liebermeister. “These platforms, though convenient, can introduce difficulties and misundersandings in the workplace, and managers need to understand how to avoid the pitfalls.”

Topics to be discussed in the workshop, which will provide leadership strategies and best practices, include:

– The right mindset and the new standards for the changing workplace;

– Working efficiently with virtual teams;

– Creating team spirit at a distance;

– Developing employees in the new workplace.

Ms Liebermeister, who coined the term Alpha Intelligence® to summarize the skills of successful managers in the digital age, is an experienced company manager, management consultant and management coach. She is an expert in strategic networking, communication, relationship management and workplace innovation. In addition to her work with IFIDZ, she is the author of digital leadership handbooks and a lecturer at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany.

The workshop is part of a series of virtual events organized by New World Encounters to help media houses improve their product development. The series begins with a product development webinar on Tuesday, 2 November 2021, followed by deep-dive workshops on specific topics on the following Tuesdays in November. More information can be found here.

New World Encounters is a joint community organized by Upgrade Media and QuestiQ to connect people, companies and organizations across borders and industries around specific, current themes, with physical, virtual and hybrid encounters. NWE aims to break through fixed patterns, creating room for new solutions in the new digital media world we are all creating. To learn more about New World Encounters, contact David Sallinen.

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