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We Are Open for Sponsoring


Innovation is at the core of business growth and tech companies are the ones that drive innovation. Are you an innovative tech company supporting media and publishing activities? Would you like to join our discussion on innovation and position yourself as an expert? We are looking forward to welcoming you as our sponsor and supporter.

In times of health crisis where benchmarks are disrupted, publishers and media managers are more than ever in search of best practices, exchanges with their peers to react quickly and well.

New World Encounters aims to facilitate exchanges between these decision-makers, across industries and continents, to help each of them improve, ask questions differently and take new initiatives that have been proven elsewhere.

We provide our sponsors with comprehensive solutions to showcase their assets and help media decision-makers understand very quickly what sponsors can bring to them and how they can save them precious time.

For more information please contact: Sonia(dot)Gonzalez(at)upgrademedia(dot)fr