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From Hamburg with Love. Episode 1 with Head of Digital Transformation, Funke Media Group Ruth Betz

gray concrete building under blue sky during daytime

Dr. Ruth Betz presents her favourites in Hamburg and fights preconceived ideas about German culture.

Dr. Ruth Betz will speak on the second day, September 18, 2020.

1 – Which is your favourite place in Hamburg?

sailboat in dock during golden hour

When I first came to Hamburg on December 27th 2004 we went to see “big ships” at Landungsbrücken. We drank a mulled wine, big pots passed us and the ground swayed under our feet, changing the direction every second. I never forgot this first contact and feeling. We keep coming back to this place and memory, it is my favourite spot in Hamburg.

2 – Which is your most original building in Hamburg?

It is for sure Elbphilharmonie. 866million building costs, construction time nine years, two committees of inquiry and a world that laughed at construction delays. And yet it is finished since 2016 and every Hamburger loves the Elbphilharmonie, her (yes, it is a “she” in German) curved roof, the touch of cosmopolitanism brought here by symphony orchestras and artists from all over the world, the view from the plaza and the toilet signs that are pretty unique.

3 – What is the meal or pastry not to be missed in Hamburg?

Ofiicially that would be “Labskaus” but that is challenging in my opinion. So I would go for fish sandwich, ideally bought on a Saturday at the weekly market in Eimsbüttel. Especially overloaded crab sandwiches are delicious.

4 – What is the restaurant we should not miss in Hamburg?

That is quite hard to say, there are so many. If you work in the city and look for a quick, healthy lunch – “Green Lovers” is the place to go. If you want to have a decent dinner with a special cheese fondue or local vegetables and very handsome wine you should try Lehmitz Weinstuben.

5 – What are the 3 stereotypes about Germans that annoy you the most?

It is said that Germans love to drink beer (“Oktoberfest!!”), can’t chitchat and don’t understand any humour. I vehemently disagree with numbers one (go to Franconia and enter any winebar) and two (“Hi! How are you?” –  See.) but have to admit that number three seems to have some truth in it.

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