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Day 2 – The Spectacular Growth and Digital Acceleration Story Funke and Hamburg Abendblatt

Starts : Friday, 18 September 2020

Time : 10:00 am – 11:30 am CEST time

Location : Hamburg

Focus : Funke Media Group. All Speakers confirmed.

1,500 journalists – 4,500 media makers – 12 regional daily newspapers – 110 local editions appear – 1.2 million copies – 3.7 million readers – 20 million unique users – 87 million visits – 22 portals Funke is one of the largest German regional Media houses.

Dr. Ruth Betz, Head of Digital Transformation, Funke Media Group. Funke went deep into digital transformation and started two years ago the reader revenue revolution named ‘User First”, meaning not focusing on print or digital, but serving readers with the best experience possible wherever they want it, according to their interests and usage habits. The digital transformation means managing high complexity in different areas: technical, cultural, organizational and last but not least people and their environment. Ruth will share with us the full transformation story.

Berndt Röttger, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Hamburger Abendblatt, Funke Media Group. Berndt Röttger will show how Hamburger Abendblatt’s digital transformation focuses on newsletter, regional editions and how they are also growing its content and engagement strategies. Dashboards and a new quality article score system are currently being tested with a small group of editors and should provide data that helps taking important editorial decisions. Funke has outlined 10 areas to work on, including winning back subscribers and putting an emphasis on newsletters. Berndt will give us the insights.


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