Creating compelling routines and reaching your readership through effective engagement funnels

Gaining the user’s attention and from there converting them into loyal users, or even digital customers, has become a vital issue. The only route to success is through developing engagement, and that means involving users through UX and above all imagine premium content. Lessons learned from the pre-Covid period and the health crisis. How new knowledge shapes a successful premium offering?


Learn to think the way video game producers do and see your platforms in terms of AARPU (Average Annualized Revenue Per User).


Build an efficient funnel that takes into account each key stage of the user’s lifetime value (installation, activation, notifications, registration, subscriptions, VIP experiences, reactivation, etc.).


Build engagement through reader loyalty. Managing that engagement by ARPUs means developing the product profitability and ensuring the sustainability of your information mission. We examine best practice examples.


  • Rethink funnel strategies through the prism of M.E.C. (Monetization, Engagement, Growth).
  • Choosing the right tactics for each step of your funnel.
  • S.M.T. (Strategy, Metrics, Tactics).
  • Tips and tricks for determining the true ARPUs of your users.
  • A funnel is primarily used to increase engagement and ARPU. See concrete examples of engagement funnel / ARPU with strategies and tactics to inspire you.
  • How to choose the best features / initiatives / tactics to improve products and funnels.
  • Different monetization models. Which ones to choose for which users and when.

Workshop 1
Build a first engagement funnel for your mobile app.

Workshop 2
Improving your mobile app engagement funnel with tactics and functions tailored for key milestones.

Training details


  • Introduction and pooling of ideas – 20 mins
  • Theory – 60 mins
  • E-mail break – 10 mins
  • Workshop (Miro) – 60 mins
  • Returns – 15 mins
  • Conclusion – 15 mins


2 modules of 3 hours each, with a 1 hour group workshop to present collaborative tool Miro and methodology.


No prior preparation required. However the training session “Strategic planning in a constantly changing world” would be a plus.

Who should attend?

Directors, managers, Business Unit managers in media, Editorial Heads, Digital, Marketing, Products, CEOs.

Registration fee

790 € plus VAT


Jean-Marc de Jonghe

Vice President Strategy & Digital Products
La Presse, Montreal, Canada

Leader of innovation in this digital age who embodies the agile mindset needed to lead and sustain seismic cultural change.

Next training: 2022

Creating compelling routines and reaching your readership through effective engagement funnels

Module 1: Wednesday, 2 February 2022
Module 2: Friday, 4 February 2022

More dates to come

Creating compelling routines and reaching your readership through effective engagement funnels

Date to be confirmed.

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