Developing Viable Products Quickly. Tools and Methods

Building something new is expensive, and building the wrong things is even more expensive. So how do you ensure that you achieve desirable, feasible and viable solutions quickly and economically? How do you make sure you’re building the right things at the right time and in the right way? Solutions that will deliver the functionalities/products aligned with your strategies while being used, adopted, and better yet, loved by your users.


Learn the importance of the start-up stage of a project and the common mistakes to avoid.


Discover a range of simple and awesome tools to develop a common and shared understanding.


Determine what will be the key to the delivery of the first versions of your future product … something which is quite an art in itself. Emerge as a hero of product management.


  • Discover the first tools to ensure everyone is aligned: establish an A-G-C (Alignment-Goal-Context) project charter. State the vision and the business objectives. Define the context of the project.
  • Learn to use Lean Canvas, a valuable tool for asking the right questions.
  • The essential glossary.
  • A simple and brilliant tool: the trade-off sliders.
  • Building is expensive, building the wrong things is even more expensive; learn to mitigate the risks, and maximize the success. Divide your project into research, proof of concept, conceptual prototypes, functional prototypes, user tests, pilots, etc.
  • How about playing Monopoly with project stakeholders to identify the best features / value / tactics / initiatives for your future product?
  • Integrate the Minimum Viable Product to help select the key functions.
  • Define the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using the customer journey.
  • Before any analysis, what are the virtues of a good “brief”? What’s inside this essential tool? What will it be used for?

Workshop 1
Start your project charter (or create your lean canvas).

Workshop 2
Create your first MVP from the customer journey.

Training details


  • Introduction and pooling of ideas – 20 mins
  • Theory – 60 mins
  • E-mail break – 10 mins
  • Workshop (Miro) – 60 mins
  • Returns – 15 mins
  • Conclusion – 15 mins


2 modules of 3 hours each, with a 1 hour group workshop to present collaborative tool Miro and methodology.


No prior preparation required.

Who should attend?

Directors, managers, Business Unit managers in media, Editorial Heads, Digital, Marketing, Products, CEOs.

Registration fee

790 € plus VAT


Jean-Marc de Jonghe

Vice President Strategy & Digital Products
La Presse, Montreal, Canada

Leader of innovation in this digital age who embodies the agile mindset needed to lead and sustain seismic cultural change.

Upcoming training

Developing Viable Products Quickly. Tools and Methods

Module 1: Wednesday, 8 December 2021
Module 2: Friday, 10 December 2021

Next training: 2022

Developing Viable Products Quickly. Tools and Methods

Date to be confirmed.

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